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It's Jim. Leave me a message so I can be entertained when I get back. Think you can do that? Don't worry, I have faith in you.
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Christmas had been a quiet affair so Jim was hoping the New Year's Eve would be less so. He'd invited McCoy along with him but the older man had begged off, saying he was too old for this shit or something. Uhura and Spock were spending time together so it was just Jim and a bar full of people he didn't know.

He was about two drinks in and he'd taken up residence in a corner booth in the back, sitting there alone. There were tons of beautiful women around and he just didn't want to flirt with them right now. Maybe after he got drunk he'd be better prepared but right now, he just wanted to be alone.

[NFB but open]
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It turned out that Scott's physics were far more accurate than his suppositions. Jim and Spock materialized right where the engineer said they should, in the center of the Narada's rambling, multicompartmented cargo bay.

It was not, however, empty.

Half a dozen crew reacted with surprise as the two Starfleet officers appeared in their midst, so close that there was barely time to react. Arriving mentally ready for combat, human and Vulcan lit into their foes with a deadly combination of speed, skill, and desperation. Unlike the Romulans, they had nowhere to go if they went down.

Fortunately, only one of the cargo bay workers was armed. Singling him out, Jim engaged him immediately. Mindful of the difficulty he'd had with hand-to-hand combat atop the drill platform in Vulcan's atmosphere, he made sure to go on the offensive immediately and not let up. Being general crew, this Romulan proved easier to get a hand on than the more highly trained specialist Jim had tackled high above Vulcan. That left Spock to deal with all the remaining Romulans.

It was difficult to tell, but it was possible that he was pleased. )

[NFB, NFI. Taken from the ST novelization. All done except the epilogue!]
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On the bridge a strategy session was in full swing. Having no particular plan of his own other than to catch up to the homicidal Romulan called Nero and somehow stop him, Jim was willing to listen to suggestions no matter how outrageous or who their source. Had a coterie of the Enterprise's maintenance crew come before him with an idea, he would have listened to it with as much respect as he gave the thoughts of Chekov and the rest of the ship's tactical team.

But first they had to find some way to resolve the small matter of the distance separating them from the Narada.

"Can we catch up?" Jim finally asked the question that could not be avoided.

Sulu had already run the simulation... )

[NFB, NFI. Taken from the ST novelization. Almost done!]
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There was no one present in the open engineering bay to hear the steady, powerful hum of the ship's engines. Maintenance was busy elsewhere, still battling to repair the last of the serious damage that had been incurred in the fight with the Narada. At the moment no technicians were on hand in the vicinity of central cooling and water distribution, a largely automated corner of the ship that required little attention.

So it was that there was no one present to see the twin vertical columns of lambent particulate matter that swiftly solidified into the shapes of two human beings.

One of those figures stumbled, gasping, to look down at itself in amazement. Jim realized he was intact and breathed out a sigh of relief. His brain and attendant mechanical parts had all survived the impracticable, implausible journey in one piece. As he rose and began to slip out of his cold-weather outer clothing, a quick look around revealed that he was indeed in the engineering section of a starship. While no identification was readily at hand, he had little reason to doubt it was the Enterprise. If the elder Spock had managed the transport, surely he had also succeeded in putting them aboard their target vessel. Engineer Scott would confirm it.

Where was Engineer Scott? )

[NFB, NFI. Taken from the ST novelization.]
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Fumes of a far different and more pungent kind attended the interior of the outpost where a relieved Jim had his first welcoming contact with artificial heating since walking away from the transport pod.

"What are we looking for here?"

The elder Spock was leading him down a seemingly endless corridor... )

[NFB, NFI. Taken from the ST novelization. Takes place shortly after this]
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"Warning," the mechanical voice piped up immediately. "You have been ordered to remain in your pod until you are retrieved by Starfleet authorities. Your location has been recorded and sufficient supplies are available to sustain you until that occurs. Except in the case of an emergency, unwarranted excursion in this vicinity is not recommended. This area has been deemed unsafe."

Even though there was no one to see his expression, Jim smiled. "There is an emergency. If I have to stay here and listen to you, I'll go nuts."

Putting his hands on the sides of the exit, he pulled himself out. The immediate surrounds of his landing site did not vary much no matter which way he looked. Ice and snow gave way to ice and rock, which occasionally was supplanted by ice and gravel.

The lack of variety in the terrain... )

[NFB, NFI. Takes place almost immediately after this but got posted late because of my lack of motivation. Taken from the ST novelization. Warning for: length]
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Lately it seemed to Jim as if all he was destined to do was to endure painful falls from very high places.

Vision and consciousness returned simultaneously, though not efficiently, as he struggled to free himself from the encumbering safety harness. He had not gone quietly. At least he had departed the Enterprise secure in the knowledge that sedation had been administered by someone other than Bones McCoy. The good doctor might have disagreed with him on strategy and chosen to side with that pointy-eared usurper, but he had also opposed the need to ban Jim from the ship.

"I can keep him quiet and out of trouble while he's on board," McCoy had insisted.

"With all due respect for your medical expertise, Doctor," acting Captain Spock had responded, "from what I have seen and know of Lieutenant James Jim, short of placing him in permanent stasis it is not possible to do either. And even then I would have my doubts."

Groaning, Jim pushed himself forward... )

[NFB but open! Jim's managed to jigger the computer into being a communciator through ~ science ~. If you wanna get a call from him, you'll pick up your phone to an unknown number and Jim cursing before he realizes who it was. Taken from the ST novelization.]
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"As it stands," Spock was saying, "we've not yet received any kind of orders or recommendations from Starfleet on how to respond to what has happened here, which suggests that even our emergency transmissions are still being jammed, deflected, or otherwise prevented from reaching the nearest relay."

Jim nodded in agreement... )

[NFB, NFI. Taken from the ST novelization. Nothing objectionable here.]
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A determined Jim likewise came in rigidly, but the hard touchdown did not disable him or send him tumbling over the side, unlike the unfortunate and foolish Olson. As air pulled him sideways he quickly hit the retract control on his suit. Slits immediately materialized in his chute to virtually eliminate drag just before it retracted cleanly back into its compact storage compartment. As he scrambled to his feet he realized they had caught another break: even at this altitude the air was still and there was virtually no wind.

A shout in his helmet drew his attention... )

[NFB, NFI. Taken from the Star Trek novelization.]
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With the aid of shuttlebay technicians, Jim, Sulu, and Olson struggled into the semiflexible dropsuits.

Lightweight and fashioned of special composites nearly impervious to heat, the suits would keep them from turning into slender human-shaped cinders as they made the plunge into Vulcan's atmosphere.

At least, Jim told himself as he waited for a tech to hand him his helmet, that was how it worked in Academy simulations.

Where a suitable planetary surface was available... )

[NFB, NFI. Taken from the Star Trek novelization. More to come later.]
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"Captain, they're locking weapons systems onto us."

"Continue evasive, come about ninety degrees! Mister Sulu, try to get us underneath them—if their shields are indicative of the ship's design, they may be weaker along the ventral longitudinal axis. Prepare to fire all weapons!"

The stream of torpedoes from the hostile vessel was unending... )

[NFB, NFI. Taken from the Star Trek novelization. Jim's going through some stuff now.]
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Jim's thought processes were recovering along with the rest of him. Lying there silently off to one side, he had made the same connections as the two techs, as doubtless had everyone else on board who had even a passing interest in geoscience. The ensign's broadcast had instructed all departments to familiarize themselves with the complete body of information that had been transmitted from Vulcan. Swinging his legs off the gurney on which he had been resting, he wandered over to an unoccupied console and pulled up the extensive file.

It seemed reasonably straightforward... )

[NFB, NFI. Taken from the Star Trek novelization. More to come later.]
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Jim spun around angrily as the hand grabbed him. Ready to hit out at anything, he was drawing back a fistful of frustration when he recognized McCoy. Shock at his situation gave way to incomprehension as he stared at his friend.

"What—Bones, what're you doing?" He nodded past the doctor. "Your shuttle's waiting. I thought you'd be…"

McCoy was tugging at him. "Shut up and come with me."

Too numbed by the circumstances that had befallen him to object, Jim allowed himself to be dragged... )

[NFB, NFI. Taken from the Star Trek novelization. Warning for: length. More to come later.]
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No one knew why the assembly had been called. It was unusual but not unprecedented. Called from their classes, hundreds of cadets streamed across the manicured lawns and free-poured walkways of the Academy campus. It was a beautiful day, the towers of downtown San Francisco gleaming in a blue sky that had been cleared of fog by a light offshore breeze.

A perfect day for a coronation... )

[NFB, NFI. Taken from the novelization of Star Trek. Warning for: length. More to come a little later.]
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The communications officer's tone was more than bored: Uhura sounded almost resentful. "We are receiving a distress signal from the U.S.S. Kobayashi Maru. The ship has lost power and is stranded. Starfleet Command has ordered us to rescue them."

Whipping around in the command chair... )

NFB, NFI, OOC is fine. Taken from the ST1 novelization. Nothing objectionable in this part!]
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Though the multiple kisses Jim was deploying along the length of the body beneath him were going off like very tiny photon torpedoes, neither they nor the effect they were having were simulated. The exquisite feminine shape bucked and twisted beneath his hands and his lips.

Moaning, she forced herself to push his head away... )

[NFB, NFI. Warning for: mild sexual situations]
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A bike, a slick and elegant model was whirring powerfully and speeding towards the soon to be departing shuttle at speeds that would probably get him ticketed if any cops had been around. Even though Jim was several feet off, he knew that bastard Pike was grinning. Knew it and didn't care for once. This was the right decision even if Pike would be smug as hell about it.

Dismounting, Jim came towards him... )

[NFB, NFI. Taken, once again, from Alan Dean Foster's novelization of the first Star Trek movie. Booooooones!]
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There were bigger dives in Storm Lake, with better music and cheaper booze. Some attracted construction workers, others engineers, still others visiting suits from Washington and Moscow and Beijing. The Shipyard bar was the favorite of the majority of cadets.

The young woman entering now... )

[NFB but open for typical things after he's home to nurse his wounds for one night. Hey, it's canon! Warning for: post length and taken from Alan Dean Foster's novelization of Star Trek. Time'll be speeding up from here on out, folks, and Jim will be incommunicado during parts of his canon.]
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If Jim had known he hadn't existed this past weekend, he might have been a little out of sorts. But, he didn't even realize anything had happened so he was fine. Just fine. Well, as fine as he usually was. He'd gotten out of bed early this morning, walking out of the house before anyone else had woken up. The day was already warm and Jim sighed as he walked over to his bike.

He had no destination in mind but he just wanted to do something today. Find something to do, find something to be even if it was just for a brief moment. If he couldn't do that, he just wanted to be away from the routine of home. So, he hopped on his bike, bypassed the helmet (oops), started it up, turned it towards the road and gunned it.

Immediately, the hot, humid hair hit his face and he had to squint at the dust that was kicked up from the road underneath him. He accelerated quicker, watching as houses and farms blurred past him until all that he could feel was the bike, the wind and the asphalt.

He kept going.

[NFB but open for the typical things]
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Iowa was boring. It was really, really boring and it was starting to eat away at Jim's psyche. He felt like he'd done everything, seen everything, knew everyone and it was boring. He didn't know how much more stagnation he could take. The urge to do something, anything, was growing in his belly, hot and fierce and strong.

Jim kept ignoring it because he knew (he knew) what he might end up doing. He ignored it to drink and to date and to walk and drive and fight. But, it was still there. Still waiting and Jim knew he wasn't going to be able to ignore it for much longer before he gave in.

It was dark tonight, warm and sticky. Jim's feet were stretched out in front of him, dirt gathering on his boots. Inside, Frank was watching something loud on the television and his mother was off somewhere, doing her thing. It was just him and the vast openness in front of him.

He sighed and tapped the porch with his fingers, watching streaks of light brighten the night sky before it sunk back into its darkness. Those people were doing something. Something good, something new and something that wasn't sitting on a damn porch on a Thursday night.

God, he sucked.

[NFB but open for usual things]
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It was Jim's birthday.

"And on January 4th, my mother birthed the beautiful, gifted, charming, amazing man you see before you!" Jim shouted while standing on the counter of some bar he'd found. In his hand, he held a drink high, looking out over the patrons of the bar. He knew none of them but he didn't care. "So, on this illustrious day, I say we drink. To me!"

Any excuse to drink seemed to satisfy the denizens of the bar so Jim knocked his shot back and everyone else did too. He raised his fist up in victory before jumping down and getting another drink. He grinned and leaned against the bar, chatting up the nearest pretty girl.

"I think you should sing to me," he told her breezily. "The birthday song. You know it?"

She did and so she sang it. A few people around her joined in, some in drunken, slurring voices and some a little clearer. Jim loved it either way!

"Best birthday ever!"

Spent around strangers. Yeah, he was faking it but he was still having fun.

[NFB but open for all the usual things. Slowing time down a bit in Jim's world to get this post in since I missed it on the exact date. Yay canonical birthdays.]
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The early morning tended to find Jim fast asleep either trying to rid himself of a hangover or just trying to ignore the world. That wasn't the case today. Today, he'd gotten up early, just after the sun had risen and started to beat down on the world below, gotten dressed and headed out.

The motorcycle hummed and he accelerated away from his house like a shot. He had no idea where he was going but he just had to go. Had to get away and try and get some semblance back to his life. Faster. Sharper. He wove around cars and drove down the center of the road, zipping by slower cars and even slower people.

He kept going, closing his eyes every so often to just feel the wind. The city grew smaller and smaller behind him and the dust on the road grew thicker. It tinged his black leather jacket and coated his jeans. Jim kept going. Kept pushing the bike to its limits.

Maybe he'd stop when he ran out of gas. Maybe not.

[NFB but open]
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Jim missed the island, he really did. He especially missed it when it dropped a suitcase that said DADDY ISSUES (how many people had gotten one of those today?) and a tote bag that said WILL NEVER MEASURE UP on the front porch. Frank, who didn't know about the island, had seen the baggage and just laughed. That just pissed Jim off even further.

He'd kicked the bags out to trash heap, thinking that was the last of it but then he'd gotten pelted with INSECURE, WILL END UP ALONE, EMOTIONALLY STUNTED, and IN DADDY'S SHADOW. The bags ended up surrounding him and Jim just stood there, hands on his hips. He eventually kicked one bag and then another. He spent a good amount of time just kicking and cursing things before stopping to take a breath.

FAILURE, DULLS PAIN WITH BOOZE and FORGETTABLE hit him in the head and landed in the heap. Jim just cursed and kicked the bags some more. At least he was getting some exercise, right?

[NFB but open for things, sure]
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Jim wasn't experiencing any kind of memory loss. Nope, his memories were all intact and that's how he liked it. What Jim was doing was laying sprawled on his bed, looking up at the ceiling and trying to figure out what he was going to do with his life.

It was something he did often lately and he wondered if this is what an existential crisis felt like. Since leaving the island, he'd kind of just been on automatic pilot, cruising through life on booze and babes and bars. It wasn't a good life and he knew it. It was empty.

There weren't too many things that he could do about it, though. There was college, there was getting a job and there was...Starfleet. The last one had him making a face and scowling at the ceiling. That's what Pike wanted, that's what his dad would have wanted and that's what Jim wanted to avoid.

Still...it was something he knew he'd be good at. Maybe. Or something. Maybe Jim would go out later and drink on it. For awhile.

[NFB but open, if wanted]
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Jim was sitting on the front porch of his mother's house, enjoying the sun and the warmth. For the first time in awhile, he had the house to himself. His mother was off on some mission and Frank was...well, he didn't care where Frank was. What counted was that he could sit outside with a cool glass of water and do nothing without hearing that he was a lazy screw up.

Of course, that didn't stop the thoughts from impeding on his calm. Thoughts that he was wasting his life, doing nothing, letting unrealized potential wilt and everything else. He made an unhappy sound when he couldn't stop thinking about it and sat up.

What good was having the house to yourself when you couldn't enjoy it? Jim got to his feet and dusted off his hands. His motorcycle was nearby and he decided to just take a ride on that. Get the wind in his hair and the sun on his face and get going fast to forget about everything.

Because that would surely work. Surely.

[NFB but open for calls/texts/everything else]
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Jim tended to frequent the local bars when it came to giving himself something to do. He felt incredibly isolated at this point and it was starting to gnaw at him. He was used to people, lots of people, and this whole thing where, unless he went and found people, he was alone was not sitting well with him. He did better with people even if it was people he hated or didn't know.

There were so many other people he would have preferred to be around tonight but that wasn't happening and he wasn't going as far as admitting that he missed anyone. Nope, wasn't happening. He was sitting up at the bar, flirting with pretty girls and guys and drinking whatever the bartender put in front of him. He didn't need to be the legal age here when he was a regular and he looked as good as he did.

Everything felt a little hollow though and that continued to bother him. It was like he was just floating through life when this should have been fun and that feeling was really starting to piss him the fuck off.

He tried to drink more to hopefully forget that feeling.

[NFB but open for the usual things, yes]
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Jim spent as little time at home as he could. While things had gotten better with his mother, the fact that Frank was still there made staying away an easy choice. The guy was older but he wasn't wiser. He was still a giant dickhead and Jim thought staying out all day and then sneaking in late at night to sleep made for a good use of his time.

Too bad his mom was already asking him about his future. He still didn't know and he still didn't want to think about it. At this point, Jim even recognized that as a problem. But, whatever. He'd walked his ass out to one of the many fields with a bottle of cheap booze. He'd plopped himself down in the field and was laying there, watching the night sky.

Pike's words slithered their way back into his head and Jim shut his eyes. It was only because he was looking up at the sky that he was even thinking about Pike and his dad and space. Once he went home, the thoughts would go away.

Or they wouldn't and he'd get annoyed again. That's what the booze was for, though!

[NFB but open for the various things that these posts are open for!]
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Jim didn't have much to pack but what he had was all stuffed into his bags. All that was left was to wait around for his portal. It was scheduled for later tonight for some reason and after seeing that the only other portal back home was in a month's time, he'd had to take it.

To pass the time, he was sitting on his stripped bed, playing some stupid game on his phone. He was trying to ignore the fact that he'd miss this place and the people. He was trying to be cool and collected and not at all sentimental because that was the kind of guy he was.

It required a lot of repression. And Jim was a repression expert.

[Open door/post. Jim's last post on island for now and totally good with SP since I'm getting this up a little late.]
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Taking care of Natalie's cat meant Jim tended to get woken up way too early for his liking. That had happened this morning when Moxy decided to just thump his tail against Jim's face until Jim had sneezed and cursed. Moxy, of course, hadn't given a damn. He'd just been pleased to have his temporary human up so he could be fed.

Of course, right after he'd eaten, Moxy went back to sleep and Jim was wide awake. Of course. It seemed like a good enough time to write a letter back to his mom with his decision on her coming to graduation. He'd decided to give his blessing even if it made him nervous. But, he wanted someone there for him from home and if he couldn't have George, he'd definitely take his mom though he would have liked both even better.

Halfway through the letter, Jim had gotten bored and had rocked back in his chair so he could start tossing his pen up in the air. When it fell, he tried to catch it in the weirdest ways possible. He was probably delaying the whole letter thing because it mean digging into all those hidden emotions he had. He hated doing that.

[Open door/post]
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His mother wanted to come to graduation.

Jim had gotten the letter a few days ago and hadn't opened it till right now. Hey, he'd been busy and the weekend had been warm so he'd just left the letter on his desk. Now, while he was laying in bed, doing absolutely nothing, he'd taken the time to open the letter.

Jim was actually impressed that she'd managed to keep track of the time differences between her world and his. How she'd done it, he didn't really know, but she'd done it. And she'd left the choice of attending up to him, which was nice. Of course, he knew saying no would hurt her feelings even if she wouldn't say so. Saying yes would be emotionally difficult but she'd be happy.

Jim groaned and let the letter drop down next to him on his bed. He didn't know what he was going to do. Graduation was becoming a headache.

[Door cracked/post open]
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Jim had pretty much repressed most everything that had happened to him over the past few weeks. No one had really asked him about it so that just made it easier to push it down and forget. He had other things to deal with anyway. Namely, graduation was less than a month off and he was going to have to make a decision on what he was going to do. The options weren't that vast: stay here and hang out on the island like a bum, go somewhere else and be a bum, or go home and deal with...home.

The thought of bumming around was attractive but he the intelligent side of him knew he had to get himself together because he wasn't rich and he wasn't going to be able to do that for long. He also figured he'd get bored pretty quickly which, yeah. That was never a fun thing to be.

Of course, this was when Pike's words came floating back into his head, annoying him (thought not as much as usual). It was more annoying that he hadn't been able to forget the words and the guy then it was that he was thinking about it now. Something about it had stuck which pissed Jim off.

He grabbed for the first book he could find on his desk and sat down, willing his brain to stop thinking about Pike and start thinking about beaches and beautiful men and women.

Didn't work too well. Dammit.

[Door & post are open]
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So, the island seemed to be up to some old tricks. Jim had to merely look out the window to know that something wasn't right. It didn't take more than seeing a pterodactyl in the sky to let Jim know that whatever had been affecting the island was getting worse.

He would have been more concerned but he had his own issues to deal with right now. Namely, that he was about to become someone's freaking pet so no one else would get hurt. Was that his first step in becoming just like his dad? If it was, well, he'd take it in this case. He couldn't really fault his father for sacrificing himself and saving so many. Maybe that was where he'd gotten the trait from.

Jim sighed and rubbed a hand over his tired eyes. Seemed like that decision was made already. He'd tried to think of other options but there didn't seem to be any. The only thing he could hope for is that maybe a dinosaur or some other angry thing out there would save him from his apparent fate.

But, if not...well, he'd deal. Somehow.

[Door and post are open]
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So, like I mentioned briefly in the recent State of the Characters post, I never liked Jim's username and had been looking to change it for awhile. I finally found a purged name that was short, sweet, and totally what I wanted.

Thus, seeks_the_stars → kirked.

The name doesn't have to be added to a flist and the old one doesn't have to be deleted as LJ makes this particular change easy. I did it all for you.

And that's it! Just letting everyone know so no one gets too confused. If this confuses, I apologize. I know I've changed tumblr usernames before and people forget who I am for awhile. Sorry about that!

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Jim was pretty much done with the island at this point. Between his girlfriend being a boyfriend and Cade being...respectable, he'd figured out something was going on but there didn't seem to be any real panic or uproar over it. Things just seemed to be happening with no real explanation besides 'damn island' so he was kind of at a loss.

He'd spent last night in a bar, drowning his sorrows and giving himself a hangover that he'd taken most of the day to sleep off. Now, he was awake, freshly showered and sitting at his desk, going through his phone to try and take his mind off things. Every so often, he thought about sending something to Natalie's hone but he figured it'd get to Nathan and he didn't want to piss him off anymore than he already had.

So, he was just going to sit and play a mindless game. And try not to succumb to the allure of a nap.

[Cracked door/open post]


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